CENFIA brings together Liberians and those who want to invest in Liberia on an online platform to discuss challenges affecting Liberia and generating solutions to tackle those challenges. These discussions allow us to identify problem areas as well as opportunities we can utilize. Through our platform, we identify and organize professionals with different and related expertise into functional teams to investigate and organize supporting data to aid our efforts in finding applicable solutions. This also allows us to assemble critical resources, including capital for investment, and capability building for strategic deployment.

We’re primarily focused on building trust among Liberian stakeholders as well as entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals, and foreign partners, as we create a dynamic platform that will make collaboration feasible and critical dialogue a reality. It is a priority for us to provide high quality solutions and holistic analysis on a full range of economic development issues. In today‚Äôs competitive environment, the organization of critical data and analysis, along with leading edge ideas are keen to innovation, entrepreneurial activities, and quality decision-making. We believe that these factors aid in any effort of building a collaborative culture that support and fuel an economic environment where opportunities and growth are possible. This, we will do by being opened, trustworthy, and diversely inclusive.

Liberia is our shared heritage, right, and memorial. These values give us a shared sense of purpose. It commits us to building a society that provides space for every Liberian to thrive and achieve their full potential. To do so, it is imperative that we build a culture of trust and an ethic of contribution and collaboration. A kind of environment that is data-driven, well informed, that can be trusted, with organized systems and processes that make doing business easy. This collaborative hub will help to fill existing gaps, cultivate the environment for knowledge production – where our shared ideas and capabilities enable us to do the impossible.


We are committed to building an institutional platform that will promote and further our ideas in the following ways:

  • To promoting the economic interest of Liberia and the development of infrastructures that will support this endeavor.
  • To creating a stimulating and trustworthy environment that is focus on inspiring innovation and rapid expansion of knowledge and skills.
  • To create diverse capabilities and a participatory culture.
  • To create a cadence of accountability by developing framework for value assessment and performance quality. We believe that taking extreme ownership to do the right thing is critical to building institutional credibility.
  • To pursuing goals that support institutional change that will give every Liberian the opportunity to thrive.
  • To building a culture of interdependence, which encourage and promotes a shift from an ethic of individual creativity to an ethic of contribution.
  • To creating and enabling a tolerant environment that thrives on diversity of contribution and rewards outstanding performance and outcomes.