Cenfia is an inactive platform committed to make doing business in Liberia easy.

The Center for Innovative Approach (CENFIA) is a non-profit collaborative enterprise operating in the US and Liberia, with global collaborators working together through our online platform. CENFIA was founded in 2015 to support ongoing efforts aim at creating a healthy business climate in Liberia. Our goal is to organize important economic data and help with integrating systems and processes that will produce a healthy, ethical, and easy-to-maneuver business environment. The organization of vital data that are critical to the end-users informs and accelerate decision making. It gives investors the confident needed to explore and expand investment. By creating a broad-based online platform for collaboration, CENFIA is also helping to rekindle the kind of trust that foster confidence and facilitate economic activities that will lead to the creation of more opportunities and wide-spread economic growth across Liberia.


Our vision is for Liberia to become a viable economic hub in West Africa; providing a competitive, innovative, and friendly business environment with capabilities for excellence skills development, career opportunities, while providing quality standard of living.


Our mission is to provide a platform that will facilitate broad-based collaboration among Liberian professionals and stakeholders, organize critical economic data, and to help integrate the systems and processes that will produce friendly, ethical, and easy-to-maneuver business environment. This we will do by pursuing the following Strategic objectives:

1.Establishing an global online platform for collaboration among Liberians at home and in the diaspora

2.Create database for various sectors and industries identified and organized by CENFIA

3.Initiate and facilitate activities that stimulate collaborative and competitive entrepreneurial environment in Liberia

4.Provide infrastructures, resources, and trainings that will help entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive

5.Creating a stimulating environment for innovation and knowledge production

6.Foster a participatory culture that thrives on diverse capabilities by bringing people together to discuss challenges in organized forum

7.Advocate for the creation of business/commercial zone for specific industrial development (e.g. research and business development lab)

8.Helping to build our technical, technological, and professional capabilities through partnership with higher learning institutions

9. To establish subsidiaries in strategic sectors to facilitate the implementation of CENFIA strategic objectives